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They are sexy. They are seductive. The quick fixes and fad diets that promise results FAST! If you have been unlucky enough to be sucked in before, you will know FAST results do not equal LASTING results.

Any diet that cuts calories, restricts you from nutrients, that tells you what to eat, creates a fear of food or does not address the real reasons you are tired, fat and frustrated… will never give you what you really want.

Three days of “detoxing” will not change the habits that are making you feel “toxic” in the first place.

Those 6kg did not appear in six weeks, therefore six weeks will not “undo” years of poor choices.

Eight weeks to create a bikini body? The name of these diets alone indicates the results have an expiry date. And let’s be honest, no-one wants to be miserable eating rabbit food, drinking disgusting shakes and missing out on all their favourite foods!


We have all been there. That snap point – when enough is enough, time to lose those few extra kilos. Off for a run you go. That first run almost kills you. Lungs burning! Legs screaming. Gah! When did you get so unfit?!

Over the weeks, that run starts to get a little easier. You lose a little bit of weight, clothes start feeling looser. You start running further and further. Longer and longer.

But the weight doesn’t seem to be shifting any more. Maybe you even feel a little bit fatter? Exhausted. Frustrated. You are spending MORE TIME exercising with LESS RESULTS.

You don’t have time to waste! 4000 weeks remember? Want to save time and get better results?