4000 Weeks

That’s all we get in this thing we call life. Not long, right? Especially if you are still pretending you are living the life you really want.

What would life be like if you had the time and energy to do more of the things you love? If you didn’t have to make excuses to miss out anymore? You didn’t sigh every time you stood in front of the mirror wishing your muffin top and wobbly bits would disappear. You didn’t have to debate about buying a new wardrobe the next size up? What if you could be the role model you want to be – teaching your family how to live a happy and healthy life?

What if you could just love being you again?

It is hard to change. It is scary! But it is scarier not to change! Things tend to only get worse. Harder.

4000 weeks is all we get. You don’t have time to waste on any more failed attempts at a healthier lifestyle. A better body. A better life!

Lozzie Life will give you a whole new perspective on exercise and nutrition so you can live the life you truly want!

Are you ready to be the 2.0 version of you? Let’s talk about how I can help you today.

No More Excuses

Those moments are like a punch in the face. When your favourite jeans no longer fit. Seeing that awful photo of yourself. That hurtful comment about your weight. Dreading that special event coming up. Struggling to keep up with the kids. Making excuses to miss out. No longer able to do the things you love!

You hate feeling tired, fat and frustrated. You just wish you felt more energised. Healthier. Stronger. Confident. To love being in your own skin. To look good naked. TO LOVE LIFE.

Those fad diets, miracle pills and killing yourself with exercise are not the answer to the life you want. You have tried them! You only get one shot at life. Don’t waste time on another failed diet or exercise program that will only leave you more tired, fat and frustrated.

What if you only needed a handful of hours of exercise a week?
Where you could create a body you are PROUD of!
What if you could LEARN how to eat lots of DELICIOUS foods?
Without cutting carbs or counting a single calorie.
Still enjoying your FAVOURITE foods.
What if you could be surrounded by other AMAZING people, just like you?


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Meet Your Trainers

Photo of the Lozzie Life trainerOnce upon a time, there was a girl. She was frustrated and burnt out. She helped 1000’s of people for over a decade who suffered from injuries, impairments and pain. But so many struggled to live the life they wanted. It wasn’t just the sprained ankles, broken bones and debilitating back pain holding them back. They were missing several pieces of the puzzle.

She understood. She knew what it was like. She had been missing those pieces once too. Because once upon another time, that same girl had made some poor choices. Choices that took years to undo. Ones that destroyed her health. Her self-image. Her confidence. She followed a strict diet to the letter. Never missed a training session. She worked damn hard! Even when her body said no. She was tired. Weak. But she wanted abs. To look good on stage. She wanted GOLD.

Well, she did win! If only that was where it ended. Her abs disappeared overnight. She was sick. Unhappy. Binge eating. She felt like a failure. She was sure if she did it all over again – she would be able to stay like that. She tried again. Same diet. Same foods. She pushed herself harder. Slowly her abs came back. She ignored the sleepless nights. Exhaustion. The cravings. She was determined to push through. She got on stage again – won a few more medals.

But that is where her nightmare began. Within a few weeks, she was fatter than ever. No piece of paper to follow anymore. No idea what to eat! She was out of control. Tired. Frustrated. Uncomfortable. Sick. Embarrassed to wear a bikini. Reacting to all sorts of foods she never had before. And pre-diabetic! That was her final punch in the face.

But the best things often come from bad situations. She took action and began to turn it all around. It took time. Over two years. It wasn’t easy. But to have it all was worth it. Great health. Lots of energy. Stronger. Freedom to choose. Total control.

Above all, it taught her that she could no longer help 1000’s anymore. She can’t help people who want to be “fixed.” But she could TEACH those few. The ones prepared to invest in themselves. To do the hard work. Who want to be empowered with the tools. To be in total control of their health and body.

Is this you? Let’s talk.

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