Build the knowledge, skills and self-awareness you need to achieve an outstanding transformation.

  • Learn simple meal construction guidelines that enable YOU to build a meal plan that meets your requirements.
  • How to nutritionally accelerate recovery after exercise and trigger rapid changes in your body and health.
  • Educational videos and online resources, including recipes and more!
  • Weekly personalised feedback on online tasks.
  • No counting calories, cutting carbs or eating rabbit food.


A life-changing program that uses real science and common sense.

  • Learn how to safely and effectively maximise your results with resistance exercise.
  • What cardio is best? Learn the difference between cardio training for performance and fat loss.
  • Clearly structured training programs to match your goals.
  • In-house small group training or online programs to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Educational videos and personalised feedback to continually step up your training skills.
  • Less than 3% of your week!


Lozzie Life

Be educated and made accountable to do the work every step of your journey.

  • Create a level a honesty you could not imagine.
  • Support and guidance every step of your journey.
  • Access to the Lozzie Life private Facebook group for motivational support.
  • Be surrounded by a team of amazing and inspirational achievers.

PLUS the opportunity to capture your journey with a professional photoshoot.

The story of LOZZIE Life

Our lives are a series of choices and actions. I have made plenty of awesome choices in life. But also my share of poor ones. Some that resulted in sleepless nights. Some that changed the people who I thought were there for me. And some that nearly destroyed my health, body and confidence. But the best lessons are learnt when we stuff up pretty bad.

A few years back, I competed in physique competitions. I never cheated on my diet. Never missed a training session. And I looked pretty damn good! My body was screaming at me to stop. I was exhausted, isolated, craving energy and pretty cranky. But I wanted to win! I wanted to prove I was worthy.  In hindsight, my obsession with looking good for the sake of a few trophies, was really just a distraction to avoid the more painful things going on in my life. I thought “when my body is different, then I’ll be happy.”

But focusing on our body is like sweeping our pain and problems under a rug. It is easier to obsess over following a meal plan,  googling the latest superfoods or which exercises are best for a flat stomach, practicing the mental exercises of restraint from indulgences or emotional guilt-trips when you lack control, than it is to deal with your real problems in life. Those painful and uncomfortable things that are truly holding you back from living a happy and healthy lifestyle in a body you are proud of.

Following those competitions, almost overnight I went from having abs to be being the fattest I have ever been. I had no piece of paper to follow anymore, no idea what to eat or how much exercise to do. I had no purpose. No goal. I was tired, frustrated and pretty unwell. I was reacting to all sorts of food. And was on the road to being pre-diabetic. That was my final slap in the face.

I had been attempting to fix things on my own at that point which clearly wasn’t working for me. So I reached out to someone who could teach me. At first I thought I was just embarking on learning what to eat and how to exercise. Turns out my journey of self-discovery taught me so much more than that.

Not everything is your fault. But you can keep telling yourself the same old story and using the same old excuses as to why you don’t have the life you want. Or you can take responsibility. You can keep on focusing on the niff-naff. Or you can face your problems head on and overcome what is really holding you back.

The biggest lesson I have learnt is you are nothing without your health. Your health is never worth jeopardising for the sake of looking good. It isn’t just about being free of the diseases that plague our society. it is having the energy and vitality to do the things you love in life. It is about being surrounded by people that support and uplift you. It is having fulfilling careers or businesses and relationships. It is eliminating toxic behaviours and creating habits and a healthy relationship with yourself that serves the life you want. It is being vulnerable enough to unravel those layers to allow change to happen. It is finding peace in being wonderfully authentically you where the possibilities are endless!

I spent many years in the health industry trying to “fix” people. But it only left me emotionally exhausted and burnt out. People will change when they are ready to.

LOZZIE LIFE isn’t a place to be “fixed”.

It is where you go when you are willing to take responsibility and have a true desire to do the work.

When you need structure and accountability because all your other attempts have failed.

Where you choose to take the sustainable road to creating a healthy and happy body all year round rather than being seduced by quick fixes.

If you want someone who has been there and done it themselves to show you the way…