I was desperate. I needed this to work!

It was obvious Cyn was unhealthy and very overweight when she asked for help. She had made plenty of attempts to lose weight before. But she didn’t have time to fail again. She believed it was either give this everything… or have gastric surgery. Which scared her more?

Sure, she probably would have lost weight choosing surgery. But would it really solve her weight issues and bring her happiness long term?

Would restricting her calories really solve years of binge drinking and buying takeaways on the way home? Would it teach her how fuel her body and build an exercise routine she could stick to?

There was also the possibility of no longer being able to enjoy her favourites foods. Or feeling deprived at celebrations or on holidays. Was she prepared for that?

Cyn was very uncomfortable in her own skin. Was a scalpel really the magic fix to a lifetime of poor habits and low self-esteem? Or just setting her up for another failure?

She chose to change her story.

She chose to learn. To develop the skills she needed to build the right environment. Create a level of honesty and self-awareness she never even imagined. Have the right support to face the uncomfortable things that had been holding her back for so many years. She chose the pathway that would set her up for PERMANENT change.

Sure, it was scary for Cyn to trust a completely different process to commit to. To learn how to lift weights.  To start eliminating toxic behaviours and replacing these with healthier ones that  supported the life she craved…

What makes someone desperate? STAYING THE SAME.

Staying the same is harder. Scarier.

“I think there was only one time in my life where I have been happy with my weight. That was many, many, many years ago.”

It has been 3 years since Cyn first reached out. That might seem like a long time, but time was going to pass anyway. When you are in it for the long haul – it just becomes life as you know it.

One of the things that has got Cyn through was immersing herself in the Lozzie Life crew. The right support is everything when it comes to changing your life.

Fear of failure is ok. It just means you want it! Instead try asking yourself – what if I succeeded?