I don’t want to get old and regret not trying things, even if they might have been a bit scary.

“I have struggled with my weight in the past. I let stress take over a lot. At university, I used to train all day and then was expected to rehearse and write essays at night. I drank too much and had no confidence. While I dropped a considerable amount of weight – I look back at old photos and I can see I looked skinny but not vibrant. I tried to fix it on my own, but I had no support network to help out.

You can’t let fear of the unknown stop you from having a go. You will regret what you didn’t try, particularly when it comes to giving yourself the most healthy and happy body you can.

I have discovered my own strength – not just physically but also my inner strength. I have become a more confident person and my relationships are stronger because of this.

My confidence comes from more than just the way I look. It comes from feeling energised to take on the day, in planning how to achieve my goals and having direction. It comes from consistently giving it a go rather than being too concerned about the what-ifs. I have surprised myself by the things I have been able to achieve that I didn’t think I ever could.

I am learning to accept my limits and focus my decisions and actions on long-term progress rather than short-term pleasing.

It’s not a finished artwork, more a work in progress.