Living my life the way I choose. Like me, don’t like me. I actually don’t care.

“Despite all my strengths and confidence, I was bullied most of my life – as a child, at school, as an adult…. I allowed these things to happen because I thought I wasn’t worthy.”

Lynn had always been fit and active. A competitive runner and cyclist with plenty of accomplishments under her belt. But from a young age she struggled with her weight, being teased and bullied, and never knew she had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

In 2016, she was hit by a car while riding which fractured her spine and required major reconstruction to her collar bone. This was a massive blow to her life.

“I lacked all self confidence in my ability to gain strength again.”

A year later, she decided to run the Berlin Marathon. At first it was just to prove to herself she could do it. What she didn’t realise was she was about to embark on a massive journey of self-discovery.

“I discovered that my emotional wellbeing was being neglected and the deeper I dug, the more I learnt to reflect and manage these conflicts. Only then could I address why I was continually falling back into habits that were not serving me. I learnt that I’m not perfect, nor should I be. Being me was something I should be thankful for and if people didn’t accept that, well that’s ok too. Trying to please people was both draining and emotionally exhausting.”

Our stories from our past, our habits and experiences – we can either use these to live in fear and feel unworthy – or as the fuel to ignite a pretty wicked fire and start living our dreams.

“I let go of the negative things in my life that held me back or stopped me from truly being myself.”

It was more than just learning to lift weights and changing her eating habits. These just became extensions of her inner strength.

“I learnt about myself and my own inner demons. Learning to let go and just be me! Once I let go and accepted me… the transformation could then take place and I became fitter and healthier – inside and out!”

I let go of the negative things in my life that held me back or stopped me from truly being myself.